Hamamelis x intermedia 'Jelena'

Jelena Witch Hazel

Hamamelis 'Jelena'

Deciduous Shrub, Tree

One of the very best witch hazels for Pacific Northwest gardens! Hamamelis x 'Jelena' is particularly useful because it is more compact than many of the other commonly-offered varieties of witch hazel, making it a great choice for smaller gardens.

Dense clusters of coppery orange flowers on this shrubby tree add a blast of color to the winter landscape. Clusters of flowers with wispy, thread-like petals decorate the bare branches of its wide, spreading form in early winter. Plant it near your patio or front entry so that you can enjoy its sweet fragrance as you’re coming and going. In addition to being pretty to look at, the unusual winter flowers have a light fragrance. The winter blooming flowers are one of the main reasons for planting this shrub-like tree but it offers additional interest throughout the year. In summer, it is a relatively demure plant that fades into the background. But in fall it commands attention, taking center stage once again as its foliage takes on spectacular tints of red, yellow, and orange. 

Use as a small specimen tree; plant it in a large container; or include it in a mixed border or woodland garden. It is a good understory plant beneath large, established trees and works well in combination with low, spreading evergreen shrubs. Placing it in front of a background of dark green foliage will show off its flowers to best effect.

The gallery of photos on this page show Jelena witch hazel in multiple seasons, its overall form, and close-up photos of its beautiful blooms. Below you’ll find ideas for plant combinations that include Hamamelis x 'Jelena'.

Growing Conditions

Zone: 6, 7, 8, 9

Exposure: Full Sun, Part Sun, Part Shade, Filtered Sun, Morning Sun, Open Shade


Size: 96 - 180 tall x 96 - 180 wide
Shape / Form: Upright, Vase
Foliage Texture: Medium
Foliage Quality: Medium

Features: Fall Color, Winter Interest

Foliage Color: Green
Fall Color: Reliable Fall Color, Red Orange Leaf Shape: Elliptical

Flower Color: Red Orange, Orange, Yellow / Gold
Bloom Season: Jan, Feb, Winter
Flower Shape: Cluster

Uses and Applications

Landscape Uses: Beds and Borders, Container, Drama / Focal Point, Mixed Border, Small Gardens, Specimen, Structure / Foundation
Special Situations: Courtyard / Urban Garden, Medicinal / Therapeutic
Wildlife: Deer Resistant

More Design Considerations

Season of Interest: Winter, Spring, Fall, Pleasing Seasonal Changes, Late Winter / Early Spring, Late Fall / Early Winter
Position / Role: mid-plane filler
Plant Behavior: Slow Growing, Suckers
Collections: Great Plant Pick, Plants That Earn Their Keep

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Level: medium

Suitable Substitutes

Plant Combos