These Shrubs with Wonderful Foliage Look Great Year-Round

Small gardens seem to be the norm these days. And that means that planting space is at a premium. So when selecting plants for my garden and the gardens I make with my clients, I’m always on the lookout for plants that are attractive for multiple seasons. If they look good year-round, all the better!

The larger the footprint, the more I ask of a plant. And being an evergreen shrub that delivers multi-season appeal via fab foliage is a sure-fire way to make the cut. Since shrubs and trees will typically be among the larger plants in your garden, it makes sense to hold them to the highest standard. This is especially true in small gardens, where space is tight and we're limited to growing only a few choice plants.

These shrubs earn their keep, offering month after month of garden enjoyment. They'll bedazzle you with their horticultural wiles—be it flower, fragrance, foliage, barks and stems, or something else. Use this list as a jumping-off point. For more detail on the plants, explore the links and be sure to check out the plant combination ideas for each as inspiration for including them in your garden.

14 Shrubs with Fab Foliage for
the 4-Season Garden

Published February 14, 2020


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