Late Show: Plants that Look Good as Fall Fades Into Winter

From my vantage point, it's been a long and glorious fall. The colors have been outstanding and there's still a lot that's still holding on—at least until we get a sustained, hard freeze. 

As fall inches into winter, I'm noticing standout plants that continue to contribute to the landscape. 

We're accustomed to celebrating fresh and colorful foliage, fragrant spring flowers, and other features of plants that peak in spring or summer. But what qualities make a plant or a combination of plants stand out in the late season garden?  ​​

These are the types of things that I've been noticing on my neighborhood walks or that I'm enjoying as I revel in the passing of the season in my own garden.

Plants that Look Good in Fall and Winter

If you follow the links above, you'll see examples of plants that exhibit these qualities. This fall I've added a ton of photos to my catalog. My goal is to have photos of plants during different seasons and at various stages of growth and maturity. The holy grail of garden-making is the art and craft of combining plants so that they collectively look good for the long haul—including fall/winter. This search displays plant combinations from the eGardenGo site that showcase this staying power.

What are you seeing and appreciating this fall?

Published November 21, 2020


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