x Fatshedera lizei 'Annemieke'

Annemieke Tree Ivy

Evergreen Perennial, Shrub, Vine or Climber

Outstanding Qualities
An oddity among plants x Fatshedera lizei is a rare hybrid between Fatsia japonica and Hedera helix (English ivy), hence its nickname "botanical wonder." 'Annemieke' (also sold as 'Variegata') is a selection of this vine-like shrub that provides a subdued, golden yellow color to the shade garden. Its glossy, dark green, 8-inch-wide leaves are splashed with two two-toned gold in the center. Not surprising, considering that one parent is a shrub and one is a vine, this evergreen can't seem to decide which it wants to be. You can either tie the thin, pliable stems to light supports, such as bamboo canes or a trellis, or you can allow them to cascade downwards and clamber across the ground. If this unusual plant is thriving, it can produce small clusters of white flowers in the fall, but don't worry about unwanted seedlings as it is completely sterile. Fatshedera's large leaves contrast with many shade-loving plants.

Culture Notes
This unusual evergreen plant prefers rich well-drained soil, but will tolerate sandy sites and clay if drainage is adequate. Regular summer watering encourages full lush growth and large, bold leaves, but it will tolerate only occasional watering during dry weather. The best foliage is in open to deep shade with protection from hot sun. It requires little pruning to maintain its rambling open habit.

Description courtesy Great Plant Picks

Growing Conditions

Zone: 7, 8, 9, 10

Exposure: Full Shade, Part Shade, Deep Shade, Morning Sun, Open Shade

Water Needs: Average, Low


Size: 36 - 72 tall x 24 - 42 wide
Shape / Form: Climbing, Irregular, Trailing
Foliage Texture: Bold, Coarse
Foliage Quality: Bold, Coarse

Features: Attractive Foliage, Low Maintenance, Winter Interest, Year-round Interest

Foliage Color: Green, Variegated, Yellow / Gold, Yellow

Flower Color: Ivory / Cream

Uses and Applications

Landscape Uses: Beds and Borders, Container, Groundcover, Mixed Border, Small Gardens, Vertical Garden
Special Situations: Courtyard / Urban Garden
Wildlife: Bees

More Design Considerations

Season of Interest: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Year-round Interest, Three Seasons of Interest
Collections: eGardenGo Favorite, Great Plant Pick, Plants That Earn Their Keep

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Level: low, medium