Erodium chrysanthum

Heronsbill, Storksbill, Stork's Bill, Golden Storksbill

Erodium chrysantha

Deciduous, Herbaceous Perennial

"Outstanding Qualities
Native to Greece, this small, evergreen perennial is grown as much for its beautiful foliage as it is for its lovely, lemon-scented, creamy yellow flowers, which are produced for almost nine months of the year. It has ferny, silvery leaves which give it a very soft look. Erodium chrysanthum is a great plant for the front of a border or edging a path. It is also an excellent plant for rock garden or alpine trough, where it remains attractive through winter. Suitable companions include other Mediterranean natives, such as purple sage (Salvia officinalis 'Purpurea'), other small ornamental salvias, dwarf hebes and the smaller euphorbias. This species is dioecious, meaning that plants have either male or female flowers. Unless both are planted, the flowers won't develop into the interesting, heronsbill-like fruits.
Culture Notes

This small perennial grows best in full sun with very well-drained soil. It is an excellent plant to place under the eaves on the sunny side of a house. In late winter or early spring a gentle grooming will remove any old foliage and give a tidy appearance. It is fully drought tolerant and will survive with no additional watering once established."—Courtesy Great Plant Picks

Growing Conditions

Zone: 7, 8

Exposure: Full Sun, Afternoon Sun

Water Needs: Drought-tolerant, Occasional

Soil: Well-drained


Size: 6 - 12 tall x 12 - 18 wide
Shape / Form: Compact, Low and Spreading
Foliage Texture: Fine
Foliage Quality: Fine

Features: Attracts Bees, Drought-tolerant / Water wise

Foliage Color: Silver / Gray

Flower Color: Ivory / Cream, Yellow
Bloom Season: Spring, Summer
Flower Shape: Single

Uses and Applications

Landscape Uses: Attracts Pollinators, Beds and Borders, Edging, Groundcover, Hell Strip, Massed, Rock Garden, Small Gardens
Special Situations: Low Water / No Water
Wildlife: Bees, Pollinators

More Design Considerations

Season of Interest: Spring, Summer
Position / Role: front of border, ground hugger
Collections: Great Plant Pick

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Level: low

Plant Combos

  • Classic PNW Dry Garden for Full Sun

    Focus: Hellstrip / Parking Strip, Mixed Border, Native and Habitat, Saving Water, Year-round Interest, Small Space, Pleasing Seasonal Flow
    Exposure: Full Sun, Afternoon Sun, Reflected Heat
    Zone: 7, 8

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