Lush Purple, Cool Blue, and Sunny Yellow Foliage and Flower

In spring, a carpet of deep pink blooms on the ground-covering hardy geranium Karmina kicks off a continuing thread of magenta pink blooms; joined later by the plush spires of Astilbe 'Purpurkerze' and the showy lace cap blooms of Abracadabra hydrangea. The zippy purpley-pink foliage of the Heuchera 'Grape Soda' is evergreen and reinforces the theme year-round. Mounds of bold, blue foliage of Hosta 'Halcyon' provide a cooling effect and a pleasing variety of foliage color and texture. Evergreen, golden foliage of Abelia 'Kaleidescope' and Acorus gramineus 'Minimus Aureus' brighten the scene and in collaboration with the heuchera and hardy geranium ensure that this planting combination maintains a presence in the garden all year.

Growing Conditions

Zone: 6, 7, 8
Exposure: Open Shade, Filtered Sun, Full Sun, Morning Sun, Part Shade, Part Sun, Full Shade
Water Needs: Average, Regular / Even

Design Considerations

Style: Woodland
Features: Varied Foliage, Texture, and Form, Romantic Cool Colors, Fabulous Foliage, Flower Fest
Focus: Color Theme, Mixed Border, Pleasing Seasonal Flow
Seasons of Interest: Spring, Summer, Fall, Pleasing Seasonal Changes, Three Seasons of Interest

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Level: medium

Plants In this Combo