Full Sun Garden Plan Blooming Shrubs 4-Season Tree within Evergreen Frame

This drought-tolerant planting combination for full sun features a variety of plant shapes, foliage colors and textures, and an evolving sequence of blooms that provide color from spring to fall. The anchoring tree, Natchez crape myrtle, provides a vertical lift to the overall scene, is decorated by summer blooms, delivers a nice display of fall color, and has beautifully smooth bark. Evergreen elements that provide year-round structure include Nandina, Cistus, the two varieties of Juniper, and the ground-covering succulent tapestry made up of Sedum and hens and chicken (Sempervivum).

The landscape design ideas portrayed in the layouts included in the download are designed to look good from all sides so this combo is a great choice for adding curb appeal to a sunny front yard garden or parking strip.

Growing Conditions


Exposure: Afternoon Sun

Water Needs:

Design Considerations

Seasons of Interest:

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Level: medium
Maintenance Tasks: Deadheading

Plants In this Combo