Foliage Combo with Pink Blooms

Fatsia japonica 'Spider's Web', in collaboration with the purple-leaved heuchera, do the heavy lifting in this combo, with their evergreen foliage. It features a succession of pink blooms, commencing in spring with the primula (blooming in the photo) and later gives way to the hardy geranium, which blooms late spring into summer, and will sometimes re-bloom if cut back hard after the first flush of flowers fade. This combo does best in morning sun and afternoon shade.

Growing Conditions

Zone: 7, 8, 9
Exposure: Open Shade, Filtered Sun, Morning Sun, Part Shade, Part Sun, Full Shade
Water Needs: Average

Design Considerations

Style: Northwest Eclectic, Woodland
Features: Varied Foliage, Texture, and Form, Romantic Cool Colors
Focus: Mixed Border, Pleasing Seasonal Flow
Seasons of Interest: Spring, Summer, Fall, Pleasing Seasonal Changes, Three Seasons of Interest

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Level: low

Plants In this Combo