Foliage Combo for Shade in Warm Tones

A quartet of perennials with bronze to coral foliage of varying textures are a nice contrast in color and size to the large, golden foliage of Acanthus 'Hollard's Gold'. This foliage combo needs protection from hot afternoon sun as the Acanthus leaves can burn in direct, intense sun, marring their appearance for the balance of the season. The bear's breeches can be difficult to remove once established as it will re-grow from small pieces of remaining roots, so site this combo carefully.

Growing Conditions

Zone: 8, 9
Exposure: Open Shade, Filtered Sun, Morning Sun, Part Shade, Part Sun, Full Shade
Water Needs: Average

Design Considerations

Style: Northwest Eclectic, Woodland
Features: Varied Foliage, Texture, and Form, Fabulous Foliage, Warm Colors
Focus: Mixed Border, Pleasing Seasonal Flow, Small Space
Seasons of Interest: Spring, Summer, Fall, Pleasing Seasonal Changes, Three Seasons of Interest

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Level: low

Plants In this Combo