Container Plant Combo with Foliage Focus

The downward draping version of the golden boxleaf honeysuckle and the strappy burgundy cordyline contrast in both foliage color and plant shape and together create all-season structure in this planting combination well-suited for a large container. Brightly variegated and bold foliage of the canna brings drama, fun, and an upward plant form. Trusty Rusty coleus makes a reliable filler, and finally, embellish with long-blooming flowery fun; Diascia 'Flirtation Orange' and Lobularia 'Snow Princess'. This combination would work well in a largish container and look great for months on end with minimal care and effort; a good choice for adding summer color to your front entry.

Growing Conditions

Zone: 8, 9
Exposure: Full Sun, Morning Sun, Part Sun
Water Needs: Average, Regular / Even

Design Considerations

Style: Container, Tropical
Features: Varied Foliage, Texture, and Form, Fabulous Foliage, Hot Vibrant Colors
Focus: Curb Appeal
Seasons of Interest: Spring, Late Spring / Early Summer, Summer, Fall, Three Seasons of Interest

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Level: medium

Plants In this Combo