Bold and Fine Foliage with Red Blooming Accent

This stylish, but extremely easy to replicate planting combination delivers all-season good looks thanks to the trio of evergreen plants in complementary foliage colors and contrasting textures. The rich green fern with fine fronds appears delicate, but is a strong and reliable grower in the garden. The golden foliage adds a touch of light and is a unifying element between the Golden Duchess Eastern Hemlock and the variegated Japanese Aralia. The overall scene is energized by a splash of red blooms in summer from Astrantia 'Hadspen Blood'.

Growing Conditions

Zone: 7
Exposure: Open Shade, Filtered Sun, Morning Sun, Part Sun, Part Shade

Design Considerations

Style: Northwest Eclectic, Woodland
Features: Winter Interest, Fabulous Foliage
Focus: Year-round Interest, Curb Appeal, Mixed Border, Small Space
Seasons of Interest: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Year-round Interest, Three Seasons of Interest

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Level: low

Plants In this Combo